Terms & Conditions:


Application for Participation:- All application for participation should be made in the prescribed form. Submission of the form will confirm participation and acceptance of the terms and conditions. VFW Reserves the right to accept or refuse any application without assigning any reason for the same. VFW Reserves the right to change exhibition venue/time/ground lay out/without giving prior notice.


Allotment of Stall:- Location will be allocated to meet the exhibitors’ preference to the extant possible. However, VFW reserves the right to change the location allotted to the exhibitor at the time prior to commencing of the exhibition. The decision of AFW will be final and binding to the exhibitors.


Terms of Payment:- The contract form shall be accompanied by 100% advance payment by way of DD/Cheque drawn in favor of Akshar Events, payable at Ahmedabad at the time of booking of stall.  If cheque gets dishonored, stall booking stands cancelled. Your stall booking confirmation will be subject to realization of your payment.


Security:- VFW will provide only general security service for the duration of the exhibition. The VFW Will not take any responsibility or liability for the exhibitor’s manpower / property,owned or rented or exhibited at the venue for fire/theft/flood/earth quake or any other natural calamity or any other cause what so ever. Therefore, VFW request you to
insure your goods/property/manpower before you enter the exhibition premises.


Exhibits:- Exhibitors are not permitted to display / arrange their products in walk way area and also not permitted to sublet their allotted location / stall in part / full to a third party with / without charges unless written consent in obtained from VFW. VFW’s decision will be final in any matter.


Safety Rules:- Use of LPG Gas cylinders / hazardous chemicals or inflammable material is strictly Prohibited.


Refund or Payment:- No refund/adjustment of participation rental will be made under any circumstances.


Tax Liabilities:- All taxes/statutory liabilities shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitors.


Damage of Exhibition Property:- Any damage to the exhibition property will be recovered from respective exhibitors.


Gate Pass :- Exhibitors are requested to note that, they would required gate pass for any material Going out of the exhibition premises for security reasons, which will be available from VFW anytime during the exhibition. If you fail to do so, VFW will not take any responsibility for the same. Final gate pass will be needed on the last day of the exhibition for the exhibitors to move out the material from the exhibition premises / ground.


Change in Terms & Conditions:- VFW reserves the right to make changes in part of the Terms and conditions or add new ones/making changes in to the advertising proposed plan / floor Plan for the benefit of the exhibition without prior notice to the exhibitors. VFW also reserves the right to reschedule the proposed exhibition.


Any Dispute:- All disputes subject to AHMEDABAD Jurisdictions.

This should be submitted duly signed along with booking form. Without this, booking will not be considered.

We have read all terms and conditions of participation in VFW 2009 and we are agree to follow / binding to us.